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Two South-American Jazz Fusions (No, Not That Kind)

Kevin Whitehead looks at genre-bending new albums by Pablo Aslan and São Paulo Underground.

Betty Wright: Soul Singer, Legacy Protector

"I believe in making the radio sound better," says the R&B veteran. After years spent coaching younger singers, Wright is back with the new album Betty Wright: The Movie.

Hilary Hahn Revives The Classical Encore

The Grammy-winning musician isn't looking for applause — she's trying to get composers to write more encores, short pieces of music that are a centuries-old staple for classical violinists.

My Brightest Diamond: Home Is Where The Art Is

Singer and songwriter Shara Worden studied opera and classical composition before starting the band, but her musical roots go back much further — to her upbringing in a family of evangelists outside Detroit.

Aaron Copland's Forgotten Score Premieres At Last

The orchestral version of Quiet City is fairly well known, but there's more to this story. Another version has recently come to light.

Non-Jamaican Reggae: Who's Making It And Who's Buying It

The new crop of reggae artists aren't actually from from Jamaica, but they are wildly successful.