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New Multitudes On World Cafe

Formed in honor of Woody Guthrie, the folk supergroup (Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker and Jim James) performs songs arranged from Guthrie's unpublished lyrics and musings.

Finding And Curating The Roots Of Soul Music

Mike McGonigal runs the literary magazine Yeti. In his spare time, he's been collecting gospel 45s on vanity and tiny independent labels for years. He's now released a pair of three-CD sets featuring amazing, long-forgotten African-American gospel tracks from his collection.

Rock Hall Inductees Offer Two Takes On New York Attitude

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Laura Nyro and The Beastie Boys incorporated the multi-genre pulse of the Big Apple in different ways, but each with lasting results.

'Something Bigger And Louder': The Legacy Of Jim Marshall And His Amp

Known as the Father of Loud, Jim Marshall helped a generation that included Pete Townsend and Jimi Hendrix redefine popular music by turning up the volume.

Latin Roots: Forty Years Of Latin Funk

Josh Norek joins David Dye to discuss the history, rise and diversification of Latin funk.

John K. Samson On World Cafe

The Weakerthans frontman stops by the studio to perform songs from his debut solo album, Provincial.