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Singer Darrell Scott Reflects On His Father's Death

Country singer-songwriter Darrell Scott grew up performing with his father, Wayne. Last month, Darrell was in Texas in between gigs when he learned that his father had died in a car accident. Here, he reflects on his father's life and death, and reads a poem he wrote about his dad.

Austin's Musicians Caught In Conundrum

Austin, Texas, is quickly living up to its reputation as a musical hotbed. Consequently, as people flock to the city, the cost of living rises, and the starving artist suffers.

'Barefoot Diva' Of Cape Verde Islands Dies At 70

Singer Cesaria Evora was known for winning over international audiences with the slow, somber ballads about love and sorrow from her native Cape Verde islands. She always performed barefoot as a sign of solidarity with the impoverished women of her island. Guest host Allison Keyes speaks with NPR's Felix Contreras about the life and legacy of Evora.

Wenceslas: A Goodhearted King And His Popular Carol

Behind the well-known Christmas song that bears his name is the story of what made King Wenceslas so good.

Hugh Martin's 'Hidden Treasures' Explored

Martin wrote "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" for Judy Garland's 1944 movie Meet Me in St. Louis, along with dozens of other songs for MGM and Broadway musicals. His career is celebrated on a new CD and 88-page booklet with essays by Stephen Sondheim and Michael Feinstein.

The Chain Gang Of 1974 On World Cafe

Though inspired by 30-year-old synth-driven pop, DJ Kamtin Mohager's project feels fresh and new.