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Shakira And Collective Soul's Hits, With A Burmese Twist

Despite decades of repression, and even isolation, the pop music scene in Myanmar is thriving.

Winter Songs: Dreaming Of 'California' From Far Away

In our new feature about songs that conjure up chilly days and frigid nights, novelist Ann Patchett talks about a song that helped her cope with her parents' divorce, and with moving to a strange new place.

Steady Diet Of Everything: The Fugazi Live Vault

MP3s of every show the iconic punk band ever played — all 850 shows, all 1,300 hours — will be available to buy off the Internet. Listeners can decide how much to pay for these hyper-authentic recordings.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. On World Cafe

The Detroit-based dream-pop duo plays material from its lush debut, It's a Corporate World.

'American Pie' Doesn't Belong To Saratoga Springs

The Tin & Lint Bar in Saratoga Springs, New York has long claimed Don McLean wrote his hit song, "American Pie," there. But McLean says that's not true, that he wrote it in Cold Spring, New York and Philadelphia. He joins NPR's Neal Conan to talk about the song and its legend.

CT Scans Re-Create 307-Year-Old Violin

It all started with a gunshot — and a love for an original Stradivari Betts violin.

Dum Dum Girls On World Cafe

The garage-grunge quartet performs material from its infectious recent album, Only in Dreams.