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Minus The Bear On World Cafe

Minus The Bear has been refining its hook-driven melodic rock for more than a decade. The Seattle band plays an acoustic set from its latest album, Infinity Overhead, on this session of World Cafe.

Last-Minute Gift Alert: The Season In Music Box Sets

They pop up every year and come out of the woodwork just before the holidays: lavish packages that mine every last corner of artists' catalogs. Critic Tom Moon explains why three new box sets are worth your attention.

Gospel Diva Vicki Yohe On 'Sounding Black'

Vicki Yohe has blond hair, blue eyes, and the look of a country-western singer. But she's an urban gospel music star and most of her fans are black. Yohe talks with host Michel Martin about race, music, faith, and her latest album, I'm at Peace: A Praise and Worship Experience.
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What Makes It Great: Classical Music And Beyond With Rob Kapilow (Rebroadcast)

Rob Kapilow's exuberant commentary could prove you've never listened--really listened--to even the most familiar tunes. Classical music's ambassador takes on all genres--jazz, rap, country--and even the Kojo theme song.


Joe Strummer's Life After Death

They were called "the only band that matters." In the late 1970s and early '80s, The Clash pioneered punk rock — then went on to expand its possibilities in witty songs that critiqued the world. Strummer, the group's lead singer and songwriter, died 10 years ago this week.

Homeboy Sandman: A Rapper Leaves Law Behind

The New York MC, whose father is a gifted boxer turned community lawyer, gave up a promising career path of his own to rap full time.