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'King Of In Between' Back After Almost 10 Years

Garland Jeffreys leapt onto the music scene in the 1960s, and since then has mastered rock, reggae and blues to create his unique sound. He speaks with host Michel Martin about his remarkable life and new album, The King of In Between.

R.E.M., R.I.P.

In September, the band that rose from the kudzu-covered town of Athens, Ga., to dominate college radio and sell nearly 85 million albums worldwide announced it was breaking up. Singer Michael Stipe and bassist Mike Mills discuss R.E.M.'s 31-year history, and the end of the band as we know it.

Washed Out On World Cafe

Ernest Greene, the man behind some of the year's most alluring electronic sounds, brings his blissed-out beats to World Cafe.

Earthy Elizabethan Elegance From William Byrd

No historical fakery: Here's the real music of the Elizabethan era.

Ximena Sarinana On World Cafe

The telenovela actor turned singer flexes her creative muscles on her first English-language record.

The History Of Hillbilly Boogie's Earliest Days

Boogie-woogie was a piano style that began sometime in the early 20th century — and, by the 1930s, became a huge pop-music fad. Rock historian Ed Ward explains how the genre re-emerged in country music after WWII, when it was an important precursor to rock 'n' roll.