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On 'Port Of Morrow,' The Shins Sail Back To The 1970s

Singer, songwriter and driving creative force James Mercer discusses changing lineups and embracing vintage sounds on a long-awaited new album.

Moot Davis: A Rocker With A Honky-Tonk Heart

The guitarist grew up in New Jersey but absorbed the country music his West Virginian parents loved. His new album is Man About Town.

Vijay Iyer: The Physical Experience of Rhythm

The jazz pianist and composer imagines music as human movement: rhythms that pulse and shift, intricate patterns of notes, a wide range of references. There are plenty of examples on his new trio album Accelerando.

The Shins On World Cafe

Hear the Portland indie rock staples perform their joyful, introspective songs on today's show.

Ann Powers From The Streets Of Austin

Our critic is down at the SXSW music convention, trying to take in as much of the action as she can.