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Sleigh Bells: Something To Shout About

Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss discuss the roots of their creative partnership, shouting as a natural extension of singing and their new album, Reign of Terror.

Houston Fan: 'We Got Tears Outside The Perimeters'

Celebrities joined Whitney Houston's family Saturday at a private funeral service for the pop superstar at her hometown church in Newark, N.J. On the streets outside, hundreds of fans gathered to pay their respects, but police barricades kept them several blocks away from the church.

Three Poetic Traditions Inspire A Mideast Symphony

Mohammed Fairouz, a 26-year-old American composer, has just debuted his third symphony, Poems and Prayers — featuring text in Arabic, Hebrew and Aramaic.

Roberta Flack's Long And Winding Road

Flack's new album, the latest in a hit-heavy career, is the Beatles tribute Let It Be Roberta.

Conor Oberst, Ron Sexsmith Pay Tribute To Leonard Cohen

It's natural for Leonard Cohen to think a lot about mortality near the end of his life, but Ron Sexsmith says Cohen has never sung about "frivolous things."

Chairlift On World Cafe

The synth-pop duo plays some of the darkly infectious songs from its new album, Something.