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K.G. Omulo: Globally Minded Afropop

The Kenyan-born singer discusses moving to the U.S. and adapting the music of his homeland into something more cosmopolitan.

A 'Guitar Zero' Finds It's Not Too Late To Learn Music

When it comes to learning an instrument, children have the edge in many respects. Using himself as a guinea pig, psychology professor Gary Marcus resolved to find out whether nonmusical adults have any chance of turning things around.

Jessie Baylin: Searching For A Certain 'Spark'

The Nashville singer-songwriter says that pulling off a classic pop sound can mean putting up with technological hurdles.

Artists React To Mexico's Drug War With Music And Poetry

Poetry and other art forms have been integral to the "Peace with Justice and Dignity" movement. Poet Javier Sicilia, whose son was murdered by members of a drug cartel, says the poet has a moral responsibility to tell these stories.

Four Views On Megaupload

In the wake of the site's shutdown, many questions about its legal and illicit uses remain.

Snow Patrol On World Cafe

The Scottish band's new Fallen Empires is distinguished by its club beats and electronic riffs.