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Haitian Heritage In Cuba ... As Heard Through Song

In this encore broadcast, Michel Martin hosts the Creole Choir of Cuba for a performance chat. The group is credited with introducing the world to the rhythms of the Haitian community in Cuba. The 10 members are descendants of West Africans who were enslaved on that island. They sing songs of their ancestors, infused with contemporary sounds.

Bret McKenzie: A Very Manly Muppet [Extended Cut]

McKenzie, half of the New Zealand musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, wrote five songs in the recent Muppets movie. "Man or Muppet" is nominated for Best Original Song at this year's Academy Awards. [extended cut]


In Newark, Fans Mourn Whitney Houston

As the singer was laid to rest in a celebrity-filled funeral, fans in her hometown took to the streets to offer memories.

Gretchen Peters: Personal Pain As Universal Truth

The Country Music Award winner channeled the events of a tumultuous year into a revealing new album called Hello Cruel World.

Sleigh Bells: Something To Shout About

Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss discuss the roots of their creative partnership, shouting as a natural extension of singing and their new album, Reign of Terror.