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Witnessing The Second Coming Of Jeff Mangum

For devout Neutral Milk Hotel fans, Mangum's comeback tour has been an almost religious experience.

Doris Day (Yes, That Doris Day) Topping Charts

A new name burst onto the top rungs of British pop charts this year with a song called, "My Heart." Well, maybe not a new name; it's actually one of the most famous names in musical history. Host Scott Simon speaks with screen legend Doris Day about her new album.

New Liturgy Reanimates Catholic Music

When Catholics arrive at church for the beginning of Advent this weekend, they may find themselves stumbling over not only the words, but also the music. The Vatican has changed the English-speaking Mass to make it more faithful to the Latin. Some see that as a renaissance for composers and for the music publishing business.

Ben Folds On World Cafe

Folds' energetic piano rock endures on a new three-disc retrospective. Here, he visits World Cafe to talk about nurturing young singers on the a cappella competition show The Sing-Off.

Jay-Z 'Decoded:' The Fresh Air Interview

Jay-Z is one of the most successful hip-hop artists of all time. On Fresh Air, he discusses growing up in Brooklyn surrounded by drugs and violence, and the stories behind many of his famous songs.