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Tunes To 'Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard' To

Critic Milo Miles says that in this new collection of music from between the world wars, "the currents of long-ago lives come through: the drudgery of the work that demanded the release of the party, which then required the penance of prayer."

John Fullbright On World Cafe

Folk singer John Fullbright refined his earthy howl through years of performing in small venues in his native Oklahoma. He plays songs from his debut album, From The Ground Up, on this session of World Cafe.
Tuesday, January 22, 2013

'Sing The Truth" At Strathmore

"Sing the Truth" is a night of talented artists celebrating great singers of the past with passion and soul — and little of their own style as well.

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A Local Music History Lesson: The Fugazi Live Series (Rebroadcast)

Ian MacKaye, founding member of the D.C. band Fugazi, joins Kojo to talk about a new online archive of hundreds of the group's performances.


Rodriguez On World Cafe

The singer-songwriter achieved cult status in South Africa while remaining largely unknown in his hometown of Detroit. A quarter-century after Rodriguez had retreated from music altogether, two fans filmed a documentary trying to find the folk-rocker. He's since been discovered at last in the U.S.

Why Barry Manilow Loves Christmas Music

With Christmas looming, the pop legend — who has recorded three albums of Christmas music and just released a compilation of them, called The Classic Christmas Album — spoke with Morning Edition about the season.