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Ann Powers From The Streets Of Austin

Our critic is down at the SXSW music convention, trying to take in as much of the action as she can.

Andrew Bird On World Cafe

Hear the whistling polymath and master violinist perform songs from his latest record, Break It Yourself, on today's show.

Imelda May On World Cafe

Hear the Irish rockabilly singer perform her energizing, 1950s-style songs on today's show.

'Barchords': An Intense, Pensive Album About Love

Bahamas is the stage name used by Canadian singer-songwriter Afie Jurvanen, who put out his first album in 2009. His second album, Barchords, is a measured look at the end of a lengthy relationship.

Cotton Mather's 'Kontiki,' The Album That Won't Go Gently

The 15-year-old album went out of print, but big-name fans pushed for a reissue and a reunion gig.

Julia Nunes On World Cafe

Hear the YouTube sensation perform her unique uke-melodica acoustic songs on today's show.