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Ingrid Gerdes: A Tomboy With Soul

Gerdes is a neo-soul performer out of Boston, but she considers herself a Southern singer. She talks with NPR's Guy Raz about her latest album, Shred, and letting go.

The Jayhawks On World Cafe

The alt-country group returns to World Cafe on the heels of its new album, Mockingbird Time.

Gillian Welch On World Cafe

The Harrow and the Harvest, Welch's first record in eight years, takes an introspective journey.

Rocker Nick Lowe Still Has 'The Old Magic'

Singer-songwriter Nick Lowe joins Fresh Air's Terry Gross for an in-studio interview and performance featuring several songs from his 13th solo album, The Old Magic.

On Commercial Radio, Christmas Is Coming Early

Feel like Christmas music is on early this year? Here's why: ratings are through the roof.