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Musicians Who Paid The Price Before Pussy Riot

This isn't the first time singing anti-establishment songs has had consequences.

Fire Up Your Kid's Imagination At The 'Science Fair'

Laura Veirs, Mates of State and more contribute to an album encouraging children to pursue science.
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D.C. Area Artists Outraged Over Pussy Riot Verdict

A judge's two-year sentence for the all-girl Russian punk band Pussy Riots has sparked outage from around the world.


Women In Russian Punk Band Sentenced To Two Years For 'Hooliganism'

They were accused of religious hatred for an anti-Putin protest they staged in a cathedral. The case has attracted attention around the world as people come to the young women's defense.

Corb Lund Built This Album With His Own Two Hands

Rural living isn't easy, as he shows on Cabin Fever, and that's why it makes for such great songs.

Autosalvage: The Psychedelic Band That Vanished

There are lots of stories about the band that got away. For rock historian Ed Ward, one of those groups has always been Autosalvage, a New York quartet who made one album and then stopped playing.