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Olof Arnalds: An Icelandic Take On Heartland Rock

The experimental rock singer says she found her own way to English-language pop music.

For The Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul, A Sequel About Strength

When Mary J. Blige first shook up the world of R&B with My Life, she sang about pain — about an abusive relationship, addiction and depression. Seventeen years later, My Life II is out, and its message has a different tune.

Feist On World Cafe

Hear the celebrated Canadian songwriter perform at World Cafe's 20th-anniversary concert weekend.

Fresh Air Remembers Jazz Drummer Paul Motian

A look back at Motian, who died last week at the age of 80, with highlights from a 2006 interview. Motian played with Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett before becoming a bandleader himself.

Shakira And Collective Soul's Hits, With A Burmese Twist

Despite decades of repression, and even isolation, the pop music scene in Myanmar is thriving.

Winter Songs: Dreaming Of 'California' From Far Away

In our new feature about songs that conjure up chilly days and frigid nights, novelist Ann Patchett talks about a song that helped her cope with her parents' divorce, and with moving to a strange new place.

Steady Diet Of Everything: The Fugazi Live Vault

MP3s of every show the iconic punk band ever played — all 850 shows, all 1,300 hours — will be available to buy off the Internet. Listeners can decide how much to pay for these hyper-authentic recordings.