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Cut Copy: Wine Bottles And Electronic Beats

Cut Copy's Dan Whitford says he isn't afraid to take inspiration directly from music he loves.

Intern Uprising: Music We Missed In 2011

Our interns tell us what we should have covered this year — and what we can't ignore in 2012.

Flame On: Protest Songs From Greece

Maria Paravantes shares songs that have given a voice to Greek frustration and anger this year.

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings: The Fresh Air Interview

Welch and Rawlings perform an in-studio concert featuring several songs from The Harrow and the Harvest, and talk about many of the lyrics they've written over the years.

Gregory Douglass: Controlling His Own 'Lucid' Dreams

Douglass creates a textured sound the way a big-budget studio artist would, but he's on his own.