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Lisa Hannigan's Path To Gorgeous

The Irish singer discusses recording her new album, Passenger, for an audience of one, and performs live in the NPR studio.

David Dye On 20 Years Of 'World Cafe'

The Philadelphia radio show has showcased some 4,000 artists since hitting the airwaves two decades ago. Host David Dye says there's one thing they all share: great stories.

Justin Timberlake On Music, Comedy And Wearing Out His NPR T-Shirt

Justin Timberlake's new movie is all about man who can trade time like money. With his adventures in comedy, music, and acting, it's hard to believe Timberlake himself has much time to spare.

A Musical Style That Unites Mexican-Americans

Son jarocho is a musical style from the Gulf Coast of Mexico, which carries with it a culture of community and participation. In Los Angeles, Mexican-Americans have turned to son jarocho as a way of connecting with their roots — and each other.

Tony Bennett's Art Of Intimacy

The vocal legend has released more than 70 albums in a six-decade career. His latest, Duets II, pairs him with artists from Lady Gaga to Aretha Franklin. In a special video and interview, Bennett discusses his legacy and longevity, and performs live in NPR's Studio 4A.

The 'Thriller' Dance, A Halloween Tradition

"Michael contacted me and he just wanted to turn into a monster," says director John Landis.