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Childish Gambino Is Trying To Be A Grown-Up

Rapper, actor, writer and comedian Donald Glover tackles unorthodox subjects on his new album.

Keith Jarrett: Alone In Rio And Ready To Fail

The pianist says it's not getting any easier for him to perform unaccompanied — that it's both liberating and incredibly risky. But he says his new improvised solo recording, made in Brazil, is one of the best he's ever made.

Two South-American Jazz Fusions (No, Not That Kind)

Kevin Whitehead looks at genre-bending new albums by Pablo Aslan and São Paulo Underground.

Betty Wright: Soul Singer, Legacy Protector

"I believe in making the radio sound better," says the R&B veteran. After years spent coaching younger singers, Wright is back with the new album Betty Wright: The Movie.

Hilary Hahn Revives The Classical Encore

The Grammy-winning musician isn't looking for applause — she's trying to get composers to write more encores, short pieces of music that are a centuries-old staple for classical violinists.

My Brightest Diamond: Home Is Where The Art Is

Singer and songwriter Shara Worden studied opera and classical composition before starting the band, but her musical roots go back much further — to her upbringing in a family of evangelists outside Detroit.