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Julia Nunes: Homesick Anthems Spawn An Internet Star

The singer-songwriter started performing ukulele covers on YouTube as a way to keep up with friends and family while away at college. Thanks to a discovery by Ben Folds and a successful Kickstarter campaign, Nunes is gaining recognition for her original music.

fun. On World Cafe

The group first stormed the Billboard charts with its ubiquitous, infectious single "We Are Young."

Bach's 'Goldberg Variations': Infinite Worlds Out Of Eight (Borrowed) Notes

Pianist Jeremy Denk explains how Bach created infinite worlds out of eight simple notes — and how he one-upped Handel in the process.


Heartless Bastards On World Cafe

Hear Erika Wennerstrom's powerful, emotive rock band perform songs from its latest album, Arrow.


Reggae In The U.K.: A Steady Force

As long as there has been reggae, there has been U.K. reggae. But the way the Jamaican sound has filtered into the British pop mainstream hasn't always favored the black musicians who created or imported the style.

Zola Jesus On World Cafe

Hear the genre-straddling singer perform her smart, ferocious and experimental songs in the studio.