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Foster The People On World Cafe

L.A.'s breakout pop act perform songs from its chart-topping album, including the hit, "Pumped Up Kicks."

Found: Very First, Or At Least Very Early, Music Video

A group called The Speek thinks they have found the first music video ever recorded. Host Audie Cornish has the story.

Gabriel Kahane: Tiny Desk Concert

Hear the agile musician's rigorously crafted songs, which fall somewhere between classical and pop.

Witnessing The Second Coming Of Jeff Mangum

For devout Neutral Milk Hotel fans, Mangum's comeback tour has been an almost religious experience.

Doris Day (Yes, That Doris Day) Topping Charts

A new name burst onto the top rungs of British pop charts this year with a song called, "My Heart." Well, maybe not a new name; it's actually one of the most famous names in musical history. Host Scott Simon speaks with screen legend Doris Day about her new album.