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Milagres On World Cafe

The captivating dream-pop band performs songs from its new record, Glowing Mouth.

'Nevermind' At 20: Producer Butch Vig On Nirvana

Vig looks back on a band eager to work and an artist struggling with his success.

The War On Drugs On World Cafe

Hear outtakes from the Philadelphia quartet's recent performance at World Cafe Live.

Fountains Of Wayne: Transcending Time And Place

Songwriters Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood discuss the transformative power of arrangement. The power-pop band's new album is titled Sky Full of Holes.

Lucas Santtana: Bossa Nova With A Brand-New Beat

The Brazilian artist's new album, Sem Nostalgia, is a tribute to the spirit of the traditional bossa nova movement in Brazil.
Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fairfax Symphony Orchestra Concert

WAMU is proud to be a partial sponsor of this special concert of the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra being held at George Mason University's Center for the Arts.