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'Nashville' Soundtrack Stands On Its Own

A new album of original songs from the Golden Globe-nominated TV series about Music City reflects the tastes of the show's musical producer, T-Bone Burnett, as well as the vocal talents of stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere.

The Voice Of 'Schoolhouse Rock' On The Series At 40

Bob Dorough composed, conducted and sang much of the music in the beloved series of educational shorts.

Antibalas: Cooking Up Afrobeat In A Sweltering Kitchen

The band's leaders say Antibalas relies on two factors to play well: tropical temperatures and a relaxed pace. The ensemble's latest album is simply titled Antibalas.

Bikini Kill Rises Again, No Less Relevant

The punk group that helped define the riot grrrl movement of the early 1990s hasn't reunited — but its members have teamed up to give those who weren't listening the first time around a second chance to appreciate the music and the message.

The 'Life And Liberation' Of A Black Female Metal Fan

Writer Laina Dawes has loved heavy metal ever since she got her first Kiss album at age 8. But the metal community hasn't always loved her back, as she explains in her book What Are You Doing Here?

People Get Ready On World Cafe

The New York band blends music and movement seamlessly, blurring the line between a rock concert and a dance performance.