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Super Bass: Can You Hit This Note?

Welsh composer Paul Mealor has written a choral piece with an extremely low note, and he's on the hunt for a singer who can pull it off.

Search For A Singer To Hit 'Low E' Spans Globe

Welsh composer Paul Mealor, who scored the music for Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding, has a new composition in the works. For it, he's seeking a rich and low singing voice — one capable of reaching the "low E" note. And as he's learning, reaching the low E is no easy feat. To find a singer up to the task, Mealor has had to embark on an international search. Robert Siegel catches up with Mealor to hear how his search is going. And he also talks with Guinness World Record holder Roger Menees, who generated the lowest known note produced by the human voice, about how one accesses the "low E," and what it sounds like.

Jonathan Wilson On World Cafe

Hear Wilson re-create the classic sounds of Laurel Canyon as he performs original songs from his debut album, Gentle Spirit.

Matt Wilson: Trios, Quartets And 'Don Knotts'

Like a comedian, the drummer knows something about offhand dexterity and split-second timing.

Get To Know The Song Of The Year Nominees: Kanye West, 'All Of The Lights'

Kanye West's sole nomination in a major category for his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy comes in the songwriting category.