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Keane On World Cafe

Unlike many of its contemporaries, Keane swaps out guitars for piano and synthesizers as its lead instruments, which lends the band's songs a distinct sound.

Lin-Manuel Miranda On Learning From Ruben Blades

The Tony-winning lyricist and composer says "El Padre Antonio y Su Monaguillo Andres," a song by Blades, helped him understand the interplay of music and lyrics. Miranda says he didn't notice how dark Blades' song was at first, but eventually figured out what a powerful trick he'd pulled off.

Langhorne Slim On World Cafe

The bluesy folk-rock singer-songwriter performs songs from his eighth album, The Way We Move.

Digging Up The 'Newly Discovered Works Of Gil Evans'

Scholar and fan Ryan Truesdell has turned unheard Evans scores into richly textured works.

Tracing Her Tanzanian Roots In 'A Lot Like You'

Director Eliaichi Kimaro is a first-generation American with a Tanzanian father and Korean mother. When her dad retired and moved back to Tanzania, she followed him to do a film about his side of the family, one she didn't know much about. Her work unveiled a shocking history she didn't expect. Kimaro talks with host Michel Martin about her documentary A Lot Like You, which is part of this year's Asian American International Film Festival.

The Very Best: A Band's Summer Escape With A Message

The Very Best began when a Swedish producer made a trip to a London thrift shop and a met a Malawian singer. The group's new album makes the case that even amid poverty, warfare and the privations of ghetto life, happiness is possible.