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Remembering Larry Levan, 'The Jimi Hendrix Of Dance Music'

Danny Tenaglia and Justin Berkmann tell stories about Levan, widely fêted as the greatest DJ of all.

Thelonious Monk And More: 'Jazz Icons' On Screen

A new DVD set catches a rare solo Monk gig, plus sets by John Coltrane, Johnny Griffin and others.
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Jackson Browne Lends Voice To Occupy Protesters

Singer-songwriter Jackson Browne was on-hand in Freedom Plaza Monday to bolster the spirits of a broader activist movement that saw 31 arrests over the weekend.


Howard Tate, Soul Singer, Dies At 72

He made a string of classic recordings in the '60s and enjoyed a successful encore career.

Mayer Hawthorne: A Motor City Kid Looks To The Future

The neo-soul singer, multi-instrumentalist, and Michigan native says Detroit's music scene has learned a lot from the city's auto industry.

From Knee-To-Knee To CD: The Evolution Of Oral Tradition In Mountain Ballads

Mountain ballads have been a part of American mountain culture since the earliest English and Scottish settlers moved there more than 200 years ago. They were passed down through the oral tradition, as they were in reporter Laurin Penland's family --but that tradition is close to extinct in the U.S.