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In Memoir, Neil Young Wages 'Heavy Peace'

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Neil Young has a new memoir titled Waging Heavy Peace. It's about his music, raising two sons with special needs, and his own medical conditions, which have included polio, epilepsy and a brain aneurysm.

The CD, At 30, Is Feeling Its Age

The CD is just the latest musical format to rise and fall in roughly the same 30-year cycle.

Son Jarocho, The Sound Of Veracruz

Betto Arcos says the style of music is so vibrant because it comes from the Caribbean side of Mexico and has all the influences of that region.

Janis Martin, 'The Female Elvis,' Returns

The co-producer of the singer's posthumous album talks about getting her idol back in the studio.

'I've Been Everywhere' Turns 2 Hours Into 50 Years Of Pay

The song has been a hit for a string of American country stars, but it was written by an Australian. Inspired by road maps and towns that rhymed, Geoff Mack set to work on song that became a classic four times over.

After A Dozen-Year Disappearance, Ben Folds Five Is Back

After surprise fame and ensuing disillusionment — and the nearly decade-long hiatus that followed — the trio has reunited for a new album. Singer Folds and bassist Robert Sledge talk about The Sound of the Life of the Mind.