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Rye Rye Just Wants To Be 'Young And Playful'

Go! Pop! Bang! is grounded in the Baltimore club sound — super-danceable, lots of bass and crazily fast rapping. Rye Rye's debut album was all set to be released in 2009, but then sweeping changes in her life got in the way.

The Killers Return, Guitar-Rock Holdouts In A Pop World

The quartet, which won an international following with the 2004 debut Hot Fuss, is one of the last stadium-rock acts left on the radio. Battle Born is the band's first album after a five-year hiatus during which the members were tested by personal loss.

Baltimore Singer's Big Voice Touches Siberia

Blues, gospel and jazz singer Lea Gilmore describes herself as "just a little black girl from Baltimore." But she has a big voice that has touched audiences across the world. She speaks with guest host Celeste Headlee about her life, her music and being the only black person in Siberia.

Catherine Russell: The Fresh Air In-Studio Concert

The standards singer's solo album, Strictly Romancin', explores the ups and downs of love. Russell sings several tracks from the record during this interview and performance.

Perfume Genius: A 'Creepy, Beautiful Mix'

The Seattle songwriter covers unsettling topics, including teen suicide and his own mother's experience with sexual abuse.

'White Christmas': A Concert With Rosemary Clooney

To celebrate Christmas, Fresh Air listens back to a concert given by the late singer and actress on Feb. 11, 1997. Clooney spoke then with Terry Gross about her childhood, being on the road as a young performer with her sister, and working with Bing Crosby and Billy Strayhorn.