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Ana Popovic Shreds The Belgrade Blues

The Serbian guitarist fell in love with American blues music as a kid — well before she could understand the words.

Audra McDonald, A Broadway Star Gone Roaming, Comes Home

After extended jaunts in TV and on the road, McDonald's first new album in seven years marks a return to her roots in musical theater.

Bobby McFerrin: Spirituals As Sung Prayers

On Spirityouall, McFerrin performs classic black spirituals with roots in enslaved communities, as well as songs he composed himself. Throughout the album, he says, he hears the influence of his father, Robert McFerrin Sr., a renowned operatic baritone.

Frightened Rabbit On World Cafe

The Scottish rock band performs punchy, driving anthems from its latest album, Pedestrian Verse.

Sam Amidon: Reshaping An American Folk Tradition

Shape-note singing is a communal form of music that began in New England 200 years ago, mostly from townsfolk without any musical training. Sam Amidon says the melodies of shape-note hymns are some of the "deepest-seated for me."

Latin Roots: Son Jarocho

Jasmine Garsd introduces a melancholy, mischievous genre from the port city of Veracruz, Mexico.