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Active Child On World Cafe

Hear Pat Grossi create gorgeous arrangements out of harps, synths and his own ethereal voice.

Sallie Ford And The Sound Outside On World Cafe

Discover the sass and style of this Oregon band, led by Ford's sprightly, slightly retro energy.

Aretha Franklin Is Looking For The Next Great Star ... Of Opera

The Queen of Soul is looking for a prince or princess of Puccini in a new competition for opera singers. And she's the one judging.

Double-Blind Violin Test: Can You Pick The Strad?

Researchers presented a group of professional violinists with a set of violins and asked them to play and then determine — based on sound alone — which were made by the famed Italian violin-maker Stradivari and Guarneri. The results surprised everyone, including the pros themselves.

Seth MacFarlane: A 'Family Guy' Sings Out

MacFarlane is best known for creating the animated TV shows Family Guy, American Dad! and The Cleveland Show. But he's also a singer whose new album features songs from the Great American Songbook.

New 'Clear Day' A Test For Harry Connick Jr.

Connick is starring in a new Broadway production of the musical On a Clear Day You Can See Forever. He says a twist on the original premise drew him to the role — but has also presented one of the biggest challenges of his career.