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Tracing The Evolution Of Lost Chicago Jazz

Drummer Mike Reed's quartet People, Places and Things was put together to spotlight music written in Chicago in a fertile period between 1954 and 1960. The group has since expanded its mission to include later works, which are included on a new album titled Clean on the Corner.

4 Days After Murders, Musical Mourners Improvise A Tribute

Every Sunday at Seattle's Cafe Racer, musicians gather for a session of experimental music. But after four people were killed last Wednesday at the coffeehouse and bar, this week's jam session took place in a different venue — the alley out back — with a very different tone.

There's No Such Thing As A Sold Out Concert (Even For Justin Bieber)

Or: Why Justin Bieber didn't really sell 40,000 tickets in 30 seconds.

'Personal Space': Relics From Synth Soul's Early Days

A 1970s explosion in affordable music gear, particularly synthesizers and drum machines, yielded fascinating experiments by amateur artists. A new compilation collects electronic soul gems from that era.

Jack White On His Own, Tells Other People's Stories

Blunderbuss, the first solo album by the former White Stripes guitarist is character-driven. He tells NPR's Guy Raz his songs have little to do with "male or female."