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New Opera Immortalizes Spat Between Paul Krugman, Estonian President

A new opera immortalizes the online spat between New York Times columnist Paul Krugman and the president of Estonia. Robert Siegel speaks with Eugene Birman, the composer, about his new work and the debate over austerity and stimulus.

Red Baraat: A Bhangra-Powered Party Starter

Sunny Jain, who leads the nine-member ensemble, says that while its instrumentation is limited — just horns and percussion — its energy is "like that of a rock band."

A Bagpipe-Slinging Spaniard Finds A Home In New York Jazz

Cristina Pato says the gaita, a traditional bagpipe from her native region of Galicia, is defined by its "beautiful limitations."

Jin, 'The Chinese Kid Who Raps,' Grows Up

In 2004, Jin Auyeung seemed glory-bound — the first Asian-American rapper with a shot at cracking the mainstream. When his career in the U.S. stalled, he found an audience waiting for him on the other side of the world.

Star & Micey On World Cafe

This poppy folk band brings a fresh perspective to the Memphis music scene. Listen to a performance and interview with the group, recorded at Ardent Studios.