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A.C. Newman On World Cafe

Hear The New Pornographers' singer play songs from his latest solo album, Shut Down the Streets, and discuss his new approach to songwriting.

Mixing Blues and the Nakota Nation In Music

When guitarist Mato Nanji made backstage conversation about the history of his tribe, the Nakota nation, he didn't expect his comments to inspire trance bluesman Otis Taylor. Host Michel Martin speaks to the two musicians behind the new album 'My World is Gone.'

The 'Ancient Vibration' Of Parlor Music, Revived By Two Generations

A voice from a bygone era, Lena Hughes was never very famous outside of her native Missouri. The only album she ever recorded has been saved from near-oblivion, and it acts as a kind of time capsule.

The Amazing On World Cafe

Hear the Swedish folk-rock supergroup play songs from its latest album, Gentle Stream.

Anat Cohen: Bringing The Clarinet To The World

On her latest album, Claroscuro, the jazz clarinetist explores influences that range from Louis Armstrong to Brazilian music to that of her native Israel. It's this desire to adapt the instrument to so many musical traditions that has earned Cohen such acclaim.

Reg Presley, Who Sang 'Wild Thing' With The Troggs, Dies

The 71-year-old singer died at his home in England. If you can play three chords, you can pay him some musical respect.

Remembering Karen Carpenter, 30 Years Later

By the time she was 24, Carpenter was already famous, having released more than a dozen hit records with her brother Richard. She died 30 years ago Monday at age 32, and her legacy as one-half of the singing duo The Carpenters remains a source of disagreement.