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Aimee Mann: 'Charmer Is Just Another Word For Narcissist'

Mann has been making music since the 1980s; first, with the group 'Til Tuesday, and since then as an accomplished solo artist. Her new album, Charmer, is a series of character sketches exploring loyalty and exploitation.

Joe Jackson Pays Tribute To 'The Duke'

Joe Jackson's new album, The Duke, is a tribute to fellow musical pioneer Duke Ellington. The album, however, is not meant as a faithful, note-for-note re-creation. In fact, it features almost no horns.

The Coal Porters: Pulling Bluegrass Up By The Roots

Sid Griffin and his band are fans of traditional bluegrass — but their newest album, Find the One, owes just as much of its sound to The Rolling Stones and David Bowie.

In South Korea, K-Pop Gets New King

South Korean rapper PSY has been a big star in the world of Korean pop music for years. But the video for his latest single, Gangnam Style, launched him to global stardom. Today, he's number one on iTunes and shares a manager with Justin Bieber, but he still wants to record music in his native language.

Trouble In The Twin Cities: Two Orchestras In Labor Disputes

Both the Minnesota Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra may be headed for a strike.

Radiohead's Guitarist Adapts To Life In Widescreen

Jonny Greenwood began as an underachieving viola student at Oxford. After years crafting the iconic guitar sound of Radiohead, he's found his way back to the orchestra as a film-score composer.