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Reggae In The U.K.: A Steady Force

As long as there has been reggae, there has been U.K. reggae. But the way the Jamaican sound has filtered into the British pop mainstream hasn't always favored the black musicians who created or imported the style.

Zola Jesus On World Cafe

Hear the genre-straddling singer perform her smart, ferocious and experimental songs in the studio.

Clark Terry: Not Just A Jazz Jester

From a new series, Kevin Whitehead reviews a pair of '60s LPs from the distinctive trumpeter.

'The Medium Is The Massage': A Kitchen Sink Of Sound

Toronto-based philosopher Marshall McLuhan's 1967 musique-concrete LP gets a second look.

Anaïs Mitchell On World Cafe

Hear the folk singer-songwriter perform songs from her latest album, Young Man In America, which was inspired by scenes of the economic crisis.

Zieti: Music As An Act Of Resistance

Zemelewa was recorded by 15 musicians in four studios on two continents.