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Frightened Rabbit On World Cafe

The Scottish rock band performs punchy, driving anthems from its latest album, Pedestrian Verse.

Sam Amidon: Reshaping An American Folk Tradition

Shape-note singing is a communal form of music that began in New England 200 years ago, mostly from townsfolk without any musical training. Sam Amidon says the melodies of shape-note hymns are some of the "deepest-seated for me."

Latin Roots: Son Jarocho

Jasmine Garsd introduces a melancholy, mischievous genre from the port city of Veracruz, Mexico.

Daft Punk On 'The Soul That A Musician Can Bring'

In spite of the robotic persona they've cultivated for years, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo elected to make their new album, Random Access Memories, in a real studio, with real musicians. Hear the elusive electronic duo in conversation with All Things Considered's Audie Cornish.

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside On World Cafe

The Portland band's raw, bluesy rockabilly sound shines on its latest album, Untamed Beast.
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On The Coast: Making Music On the Fly With Angela Sheik

Singer-songwriter Angela Sheik teaches us how she uses a theremin, flute and loop pedal to create an unusual tapestry of sounds.