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Musicians Defy Hearing Loss To Make Sweet Sounds (Re-broadcast)

Members of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss talk about how they continue to make music, even with limited hearing.


Air On World Cafe

The French duo discusses its soundtrack to the 1902 silent film Le Voyage Dans La Lune.

Another Take On The 'Appoggiatura'

In a segment on Tuesday, we explained how a musical device called an appoggiatura can cause a reaction in people's brains that is instrumental in making a song sad. We pointed to the Adele song "Someone Like You" as an example. Some listeners say we got it wrong, so Melissa Block talks with composer, conductor and music commentator Rob Kapilow to set the record straight.

Dr. Dog: A Standout Among Stereotypes

The Philadelphia sextet uses the indie-rock toolkit in creative, subversive, counterintuitive ways on its latest record, Be the Void.

A Skating Rink's 'Ribbon In The Sky'

As Tracy Flynn was led out onto the Central Park ice-skating rink, Stevie Wonder's song began to play.

Kathleen Edwards On World Cafe

Hear the Canadian singer perform dreamy, poetic and emotive songs from her new album, Voyageur.