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How Much Does Crowd Funding Cost Musicians?

Two bands, Los Angeles-based A House For Lions and Maine's The Mallett Brothers, add up what they've spent while asking you for money.

Macklemore's Brand Of Socially Conscious Rap

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are carving a name for themselves in rap music. They even have YouTube videos with millions of views and a sold out international tour as proof. They sit down with guest host Celeste Headlee to talk about their latest album The Heist.

Tiny Desk Brings 250 Concerts To The Masses

NPR Music recently held its 250th Tiny Desk Concert — a short musical performance recorded at the desk of Bob Boilen. Boilen and NPR Music writer and editor Stephen Thompson celebrate the milestone and look back on their favorite Tiny Desk shows.

Max Richter Recomposes 'The Four Seasons'

The composer has done a brave thing for any artist in any medium: He's messed with a classic, specifically, Vivaldi's most famous four violin concertos. Richter says he had "to figure out how much Max and how much Vivaldi there was going on at every moment."

Samuel Yirga: A Prodigy Reviving Ethiopian Jazz

The 20-something has had to fight to be himself, and the voice and vision of a distinctive composer shines through in his impressive debut, Guzo.