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Bonnie Raitt: A Brand-New Model For A Classic Sound

The roots-rock singer-guitarist's latest album, Slipstream, is her first in seven years. It's Raitt's debut release on Redwing Records, the label she founded and runs with the help of a small staff.

Glen Hansard: The Best Songs Come 'As A Gift'

On the occasion of his first proper solo album, the Oscar-winning singer-songwriter says his favorite tunes to play are those that arrive in sudden flashes of inspiration.

The Most Annoying Songs Of The Summer (So Far)

Jim Nayder, host of Chicago Public Radio's The Annoying Music Show!, joins Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon to share four summery songs that make him cringe with glee.

The Euro Crisis Has A Beat (And You Can Cry To It)

Who says disco is dead? Or that it can't be used to explain complicated news events, like the debt crisis that threatens to disassemble Europe as we know it. A number of eurzone-themed songs are making their way up the monetary charts.

Tracing The Trail Of Musical Fathers

Commentator Miles Hoffman introduces a few famous dads whose children became master musicians.

On 'Banga,' Patti Smith Pays Homage To Friends

Banga is Smith's 11th studio album, her first collection of original material since 2004 and the first record she's released since the publication of her memoir Just Kids. Rock critic Ken Tucker says the music on Banga is marvelously uneven and frequently transporting.