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Hacienda On World Cafe

Known for energetic shows, the Tex-Mex band recorded its new album, Shakedown, with Dan Auerbach.

After 26 Years, The Sam Rivers Trio Resurfaces

The freewheeling saxophonist and his small group from the 1970s came together for a live concert in 2007 — their first together in more than two decades. Now, a recording has been posthumously released on CD, and critic Kevin Whitehead says it's like they never went away.

Andy Williams Dies; Crooner Was Known For 'Moon River,' Christmas TV Specials

The singer was 84. The cause of death, his family says, was bladder cancer.

How Musicians Make Money (By The Fraction Of A Cent) On Spotify

The streaming music service offers millions of songs to millions of users, but it's not yet a reliable source of income for musicians.

Husky On World Cafe

The Australian band and its debut album Forever So have come a long way from a makeshift recording bungalow in Melbourne.

Analog Players Society: A Party Cooked Up In A Studio

The Analog Players Society provides some of the best evidence since the rise of Vampire Weekend that formerly exotic international music — particularly African rhythms and accents — has become an everyday part of modern popular tunes.