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Caitlin Rose: A Singer Grounded In The Details Of Yearning

Dubbed a country singer by virtue of her Nashville base, Rose sounds more like a pop vocalist on The Stand-In. Drawing inspiration from Roy Orbison, Carlene Carter and countless others, Rose knows it takes an assured performer to sell the notion of vulnerability over the long haul.

A Funky-Fresh Sound From Somalia, With A Political History

A dance band called Dur-Dur Band ruled the nightclub scene in 1980s Mogadishu, thanks to a unique sound made possible by access to Western culture and instruments.

Big Songs, Big Hype (Oh Yeah, They're Women)

Three heavily hyped new bands have little in common, except being led by women. How important is that?

The Beyonce Experiment: How Far Can She Go?

As a pop star, no one comes close to dominating culture and conversation the way Beyonce does. Because she exerts such control over her image — from advertisements to films, politics to pop songs — should we think of her differently?

Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman Dies

Hanneman was one of the most influential guitarists in thrash metal. He died Thursday in Southern California of liver failure. He was 49.

Natalie Maines On Motherhood, Eddie Vedder And Leaving Country Music

A decade after the Dixie Chicks' frontwoman came out against the Iraq War — the response to which brought the band's career to a halt — Maines returns with her solo debut, Mother.