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Alabama Shakes On World Cafe

Hear the rock 'n' roll quartet perform its enthusiastic, soulful songs live in the studio.

Jimmy Owens Navigates Monk's 'Brilliant Corners'

Owens mostly dresses Thelonious Monk's tunes for uptown wear — Monk the Harlem jam-session swinger.

Michelle Kwan's Slow And Steady Workout Jams

The figure-skating legend says the sport is more grueling than you might think. To keep from pushing her body too hard, Kwan says she relies on a ballad-heavy playlist.

Grace Woodroofe On World Cafe

Discovered by Heath Ledger, the Australian singer is only 21, but her songs are wise and emotive.

Long Live The Smiths' 'Complete Works'

The band didn't have many big hits, but it helped define the music of its generation. With the release of The Smiths' complete works, rock historian Ed Ward look back and tries to figure out what made the group so important.

Etta James: The 1994 Fresh Air Interview

Etta James, the legendary vocalist who is perhaps best known for her version of the song "At Last," has died. She was 73. Fresh Air remembers the singer with excerpts from a 1994 interview about her lengthy career.