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Review: Two New Perspectives On Jazz, Gospel

Critic Tom Moon reviews two contrasting perspectives on the intersection of jazz and gospel music. Multi-instrumentalist Don Byron has just released "Love, Peace and Soul" featuring his New Gospel Quintet. Also out is a set of duets between the late pianist Hank Jones and bassist Charlie Haden, titled "Come Sunday." Moon says the two projects reimagine old-time religious tunes in surprisingly different ways.

Forgotten Gems From The Dave Brubeck Quartet

In December, Columbia released a box set of the 19 studio albums Dave Brubeck's quartet recorded between 1955 and 1966. Besides familiar titles like Time Out and Dave Digs Disney, there were a host of all-but-forgotten albums. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says a few of them are well-worth tracking down.

A Web Of Notes: Violinist Uses Spider Silk

Guest host Linda Wertheimer reports on a Japanese researcher who has used spider silk to spin a set of violin strings.

Andrew Bird's World Of Wit, Whimsy And Whistling

The new album Break It Yourself continues the balancing act that Bird has carried on for much of his career: celebratory, upbeat music paired with lyrics that drip with heavy subject matter.

Far From Fading, Mexico's Son Huasteco Style Flares

More than 40 years ago, four friends — three scientists and one musician — went to the Huasteca region in Northeastern Mexico in search of music they wanted to record for their own enjoyment. Now, some of that work has been released on a two-CD compilation titled El Gusto.

Zieti: Amid Brutal Conflict, A Musical Friendship Survives

The afropop ensemble formed when two American expats met two Ivorian musicians in the late 1990s. Separated for a decade by civil war in Ivory Coast, the group has reassembled to record its lost songs.