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Cadence Weapon: A Poet Hones A Musical Personality

Rollie Pemberton often wrote about about his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta when he was its poet laureate. But running parallel to that career was one in hip-hop. As Cadence Weapon, Pemberton remains locally minded on his third album, Hope in Dirt City.

John Mayer On World Cafe

A self-described "control freak," Mayer opens up about how time off allowed him to lose himself in the songwriting process, and plays songs from his new album, Born and Raised.

In A Clouded World, The CD Can 'Stay'

Twelve years ago, the band Jim's Big Ego was trying something new to get its tunes to fans: uploading them to the Internet. Today, lead singer Jim Infantino still thinks digital music is "neat," though the digital landscape has certainly changed.

Big K.R.I.T.: Big Heart, Thick Drawl

Female-soul backup and defiant pride are also part of the Mississippi rapper's appeal.

James Burton: The Teen Who Invented American Guitar

You've heard guitarist James Burton even if you don't know it. Ever since he was 15, he's been recording behind a bewildering number of artists, from Ricky Nelson to Ray Charles. He also managed to put out some records on his own. Rock historian Ed Ward shares his story.