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The Floacist: A Soul Poet Says Yes To Moving On

Natalie Stewart, best known as half of the British duo Floetry, discusses that group's breakup and her new solo album.

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper Emerges From Behind The Counter

On her first studio album, Ripely Pine, singer-songwriter Aly Spaltro transforms a batch of solo recordings into full-band arrangements that explore the juxtaposition between lyrical content and musical tone.

Guards: Anthems With Gravitas

The debut album from the New York trio Guards is big on atmospherics, but also features a grandness of intent that connects the group to acts as varied as U2, Arcade Fire and The Beach Boys.

Heavy Rotation: 5 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing

The DJs at public radio stations listen to a lot of songs every day. Download five of their recent favorites, including songs from The Milk Carton Kids, Cayucas, Chance the Rapper, Miranda Dodson and Katie Mullins.

Turning A Glacier Into A Tuba: Ice Music From Norway

Playing frozen instruments requires lots of improvisation. Norwegian musician Terje Isungset has a new set for every performance, freshly made to get the most sound out of each instrument before it melts.

Clive Davis: A Life With A 'Soundtrack'

Weekend Edition guest host Don Gonyea talks with record producer and legend Clive Davis about his new book, The Soundtrack of My Life.