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Blake's Poems, Reborn As Bluesy Folk Tunes, Burn Bright

Martha Redbone, a singer of Native American and African-American descent, sets 12 of William Blake's poems to music on her new album, The Garden of Love.

Debo Band On World Cafe

With its Ethiopian roots, the group infuses its worldly sound with funk, R&B, rock and brass music.

An Immigrant's 'Star-Spangled Banner,' En Espanol

In 1945, the U.S. government commissioned a Peruvian immigrant to write a Spanish translation of the national anthem. It was lost to history until recently.

During Lockout Season, Orchestra Musicians Grapple With Their Future

American symphonies have just begun a new season — but many musicians around the country have yet to play a single note on stage.

You, Too, Can Print Your Own Guitar

Industrial engineer Scott Summit dreamed of being a rock star. That didn't happen, but he did make an acoustic guitar out of nylon powder.