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Leonard Cohen's 'Old Ideas' Inspire Confidence

Now in his late 70s, the singer-songwriter has just released a new album, his first collection of new material in eight years, titled Old Ideas. Rock critic Ken Tucker says these Cohen songs work as both pop music and as prayers.

Ira Glass Interviews His Cousin, Composer Philip Glass

It's no coincidence that composer Philip Glass and This American Life host Ira Glass have the same last name: They're second cousins. On today's Fresh Air, we replay excerpts from an onstage conversation between Ira and Philip in honor of the latter's 75th birthday.

Philip Glass At 75: Listening With Heart, Not Intellect

The composer who changed the landscape of American music says he finally knows what he's doing.
Thursday, March 15, 2012

'Reel Around The Shamrock' at Strathmore

Join Eileen Ivers, the "Jimi Hendrix of the violin," in a celebration of St. Patrick's Day, taking place at Strathmore March 15.


Life's Common Things At Heart Of K'Jon's R&B Music

Ahead of Tell Me More's Tuesday broadcast from Detroit, the program highlights one of the city's very own — singer and songwriter K'Jon. His 2009 song, 'On the Ocean,' set the record for the longest run on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. He speaks with host Michel Martin about his hometown, career and upcoming album.

Stew: 'Making It' After A Tough Breakup

Stew's new album Making It is, in part, about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend and songwriting partner, Heidi Rodewald. The two musicians, who continue to work together professionally, also collaborated on the 2008 Tony-winning musical Passing Strange.