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Vanessa Perez: A Rising Star From Venezuela

A new star out of the El Sistema program says that her goal in playing Chopin is valuing honesty over prettiness.

A Rapper Ravaged By An Online Firestorm

Two degrees from Stanford aren't your usual recipe for hip hop credibility, but Korean rapper Tablo found success at the top of the charts. That was, until a single rumor set websites ablaze with pop-culture paranoia and conspiracy.

Canadian Brass: Spiking The Recital With Humor

The legendary brass group has been pleasing crowds for decades with a repertoire that mixes classic and modern compositions with Dixieland, jazz and Broadway. Tuba player and founding member Chuck Daellenbach says the band brings a playful approach to its stage show to build an audience for brass.

Deep In The Desert, Monks Make Transcendent Music

"To chant, to sing, engages one's whole being," says Brother Christian Leisy of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert. The Benedictine monks who live outside Santa Fe have released an album of Gregorian chant.

The Lumineers: Chasing Big Dreams Out West

After years struggling to make it in New York, the folk group left everything behind and settled in Denver. The band released its self-titled debut album this spring.

Cadence Weapon: A Poet Hones A Musical Personality

Rollie Pemberton often wrote about about his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta when he was its poet laureate. But running parallel to that career was one in hip-hop. As Cadence Weapon, Pemberton remains locally minded on his third album, Hope in Dirt City.