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Take A Trip To Downtown L.A. With La Santa Cecilia

On historic Olvera Street, singer Marisol Hernandez describes the hopes and dreams the city represents.

He'll Retune Your Living Room

Psychoacoustic engineers like Chris Kyriakakis work to perfect the way music sounds in imperfect environments as diverse as symphony halls, your living room and your ears.

David Byrne Finds A Disco Muse In Imelda Marcos

A version of the disgraced former first lady of the Philippines serves as the central character of Byrne's first foray into musical theater.
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Shawn Colvin: "Diamond in the Rough" (Rebroadcast)

Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Shawn Colvin describes her determination to make a life in music since the age of 10.


Santigold: 'Blown Away' By Fela Kuti

Singer Santi White says her father steered her artistic development by introducing her to the music of Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti at a young age.

The Cleveland Youth Orchestra: On The Road In Mozart's Hometown

The young ensemble associated with the famed Cleveland Orchestra makes its first trip abroad.