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LCD Soundsystem's Final Bash, Relived

The band's marathon farewell show, and frontman James Murphy's conflicted thoughts on breaking up, are captured in the new documentary Shut Up and Play the Hits.

Dirty Projectors: A Polarizing Sound At The Fringes Of Pop

Singer-guitarist Dave Longstreth says the essence of Dirty Projectors' music isn't its difficulty, but rather a commitment to the process of songwriting.

He Keeps fun. Running

Guitar technician Shane Timm is one of the many people who make the band fun.'s tour possible. Timm is in charge of the 45 pieces of musical equipment that travel with the band on its summer tour.

Tanglewood: Celebrating Beethoven In The Backwoods For 75 Years

The Boston Symphony's tradition of outdoor summer concerts tucked away in the Berkshire Mountains is as popular as ever with both audiences and the students who come to learn from the pros.

Milo Greene: Born Of A Music-Industry Phantom

The rising rock band — yes, it's a band, not a person — tells NPR's Scott Simon the story behind its deceptive name.

Shawn Colvin On World Cafe

After some time off, the three-time Grammy award-winning artist is back with a memoir and an album.