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The Weeknd Revels In Raw Emotion On 'Kiss Land'

Producer and singer-songwriter Abel Tesfaye became an Internet phenomenon in 2010, when he began self-releasing free mixtapes of woozy, haunted R&B songs. His proper major-label debut, Kiss Land, marks his official step into the limelight.

Bob Dylan's 'Self Portrait,' Now In Vivid Color

A key to the ongoing allure of Dylan's music lies in its ability to stand apart from its time. A new collection of alternate takes and demos re-evaluates the critical flop that was 1970's Self Portrait.

The Head And The Heart On World Cafe

In this edition of Vintage Cafe, where we revisit older, influential studio sessions, the Seattle band that took the Pacific Northwest by storm in 2011 stops by the World Cafe studios during a national tour.

When The Duke Flirted With The Queen

Duke Ellington's piece for Queen Elizabeth II is included in a new collection of late-period suites.

Banjos, Bartók And La Belle Époque: New Classical Albums

From a new concerto by Béla Fleck to established concertos by Béla Bartok, NPR Music's Tom Huizenga and host Jacki Lyden spin a wide variety of new classical recordings.
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Kennedy Center To Feature Multimedia Profile On George Washington

A new production focusing on the life of the first president of the United States is being unveiled next month.


New Latin Music That's Rocking The Americas

The Alt.Latino gang stops by Weekend Edition Sunday once again to share some favorite new songs from Mexico, Colombia and more.

'Electric Lady' Janelle Monae On Creating The Unheard

The 27-year-old singer's music is often called futuristic — in part because her early releases revolved around a robot love story, but also because her work so firmly resists classification. She discusses her new album, The Electric Lady, here with NPR's Jacki Lyden.

This Is Musician Mickey Hart's Brain On Music

Peering inside our mind and capturing images of our thoughts has become a preoccupation in much of neuroscience. It's also an unlikely part of the light show at a Mickey Hart Band concert. Yes, the Grateful Dead's former drummer jams with a light show powered by his mind.

Franz Ferdinand On World Cafe

The always fashionable Glaswegians stop by the World Cafe studio to perform songs from their new album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action.