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Albert 'Tootie' Heath, Drummer Extraordinaire, Turns The Tables

NPR's Arun Rath had been dying to interview the renowned jazz drummer for years. When he got the chance, it turned out Heath had some questions for him, as well.

Ooze, Fog And Climate Change Threaten Mummies

The oldest mummies in the world are in northern Chile. Preserved for seven thousand years, the mummies are now deteriorating, and scientists say climate changes are to blame.

From Bored To Blown Away: Feline Reactions To 'Music For Cats'

David Teie talked with us last week about his cat-friendly music. This week, we share how some of Weekend Edition's feline listeners reacted to Teie's tunes.

They're Not Only '60s Songwriting Superstars, But They're Also Married

Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, who wrote "We Gotta Get Out of this Place," have been a team for more than 50 years. Terry Gross spoke with them in 2000, when they were depicted in the musical Beautiful.

Drummer Hal Blaine Talks About Making Music Over The Years

Blaine is featured in the new documentary The Wrecking Crew about a group of anonymous intensely successful musicians who recorded together. Terry Gross spoke with him in 2001.

'We Knew Things Were Different For Us': Heems On Rap, Race And Identity

Born in New York to Indian parents, Heems watched the Sept. 11 attacks from his high school. The Das Racist rapper's new album explores how life changed, for himself and his community, after that day.

Two Greats From Seattle, 'One Of The Most Important Jazz Cities'

Jazz Night In America host Christian McBride introduces two embodiments of musical versatility from the Pacific Northwest: trombonist Julian Priester and vocalist Ernestine Anderson.
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Looking Back On The '90s Musical Weirdos In One Corner of Baltimore County

Two decades ago the Towson-Glen Arm crew rallied around a love of art, activism and the avant-garde, bridging the silly and the sincere.


How Mexico Learned To Polka

Renee Montagne speaks with Felix Contreras, co-host of NPR's Alt.Latino, about the link between Tex-Mex music and Eastern European waltzes and polkas.

A Jazz Pianist Taps Armenian Folk, Metal Riffs And A Sense Of History

Be it progressive metal bands like Tool and Meshuggah or a 19th-century poet who died at 21, jazz artist Tigran Hamaysan mines all kinds of influences to arrive at a signature sound.