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50 Years Ago, Ramsey Lewis Joined 'The In Crowd'

The pianist was looking for a fun song to add to his set that evening at a Washington, D.C., jazz club when a waitress made a suggestion. The recording became a huge crossover hit: "The In Crowd."

1,000 Songs From Holocaust Survivors Archived

In the summer of 1948, an amateur folklorist named Ben Stonehill recorded this music in New York City's Hotel Marseilles. Now, 66 of those songs are online.

In 'Rhythm,' Bhi Bhiman's Music Isn't Limited By National Borders

Bhi Bhiman had an all-American childhood, but his songs have an international character. He talks with NPR's Scott Simon about his childhood, his politics and his new album, Rhythm & Reason.

Australia's Hiatus Kaiyote Carves Out A Crazy Path

The band just released Choose Your Weapon, a follow-up to Hiatus Kaiyote's Grammy-nominated debut. The Melbourne group makes sweet sounds that ring fresh and progressive.

B.B. King On Life, Plantation Living And His 'Droopy-Drawers' Sound

"I developed in my head that I'm never any better than my last concert or the last time I played," B.B. King told Fresh Air's Terry Gross in 1996.

B.B. King, Legendary Blues Guitarist, Dies At 89

The great bluesman was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987 and toured relentlessly his whole life, wringing peerless emotion out of every note he played.

Country Hit Writer Chris Stapleton Breaks Out On His Own In 'Traveller'

The Nashville songwriter has written countless hits for other artists. Critic Ken Tucker says that Stapleton's debut solo album showcases a wide range of musical styles with a distinctive sound.

'The In Crowd': An Audience-Fueled Jazz-Pop Crossover Hit

Fifty years ago in a Washington, DC nightclub, the Ramsey Lewis Trio recorded "The In Crowd," a rare jazz single that landed on the pop charts. Critic Kevin Whitehead says the fans were half the show.

Vinyl's Comeback Keeps Record Pressers Busy

There are about 16 vinyl press plants still operating in the U.S. While there were about 9 million vinyl records sold in the U.S. overall last year — that's just a sliver of total album sales.

Jerry Garcia's Advice To Bill Kreutzmann: 'Don't Rush'

"You can learn so much from [Jerry Garcia]. Doesn't matter what instrument you play," the Grateful Dead drummer says. He has a new memoir out called Deal.