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Percussionist Bobbye Hall Is A Liner-Note Legend

Hall has played with everyone from Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson to Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan. She grew up in Detroit in the '60s, and was sitting in on Motown sessions before she could drive.

The Tabla Master Who Jammed With The Grateful Dead

Schooled from birth in an ancient instrument, Zakir Hussain always wanted to rock. He found a way to do both after George Harrison gave him some shrewd career advice.

How Santería Seeped Into Latin Music

Santería ceremonies are for calling out to the spiritual world, and that spiritual connection is made through music. Felix Contreras explores how some sacred beats made a secular crossover.

Marian Anderson's Groundbreaking Met Opera Moment

Sixty years ago, opera singer Marian Anderson made her long overdue debut at New York's Metropolitan Opera. She was its first African-American soloist.

Mystic Rhythms: Rush's Neil Peart On The First Rock Drummer

Peart is one of the world's greatest rock drummers, but his earliest influence comes from jazz.

With Downloads In Decline, Can iTunes Adapt?

Digital downloads of iTunes fell sharply in 2014, as consumers abandoned Apple's music store in favor of cheap, easy-to-use subscription services.

A Place That Can't Exist Again: Blondie's New York

Chris Stein's photos in Me, Blondie And The Advent Of Punk Rock document a city that is barely recognizable today.

The Original Funky Drummers On Life With James Brown

Clyde Stubblefield and Jabo Starks should have been rivals: James Brown hired both of them to do one job. Instead, they stuck together, and laid the foundation for modern funk drumming in the process.

Tapping The Sounds Of Portugal

World music DJ Betto Arcos is back with a stash of music he collected while traveling through Portugal, including a song by someone he considers to be the Frank Sinatra of fado.
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Prince Paul, Dan The Automator Reunite In D.C.

The hip hop duo behind the classic group Handsome Boy Modeling School came together for a brief reunion this weekend.