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The Year In Pop — From Iceland And Lebanon

Whether you wanted to or not, you probably heard songs that ruled the charts in the U.S. this year. But how about what was popular on the other side of the globe? Critics from Reykjavik and Beirut pick tracks by the artists who stood out in their home countries.

What's That Sound? The Rhythm That Ruled 2011

LMFAO, Adele, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears and dozens more artists all relied on one distinctive beat to create their hits this year.

Winter Songs: The Frozen Tale Of 'Lord Franklin'

The late 19th century British Arctic explorer was many things, but not actually a lord.

Leaders Wanted: Protest Songs From The Arab Spring

Blogger Hani Almadhoun lists songs that were a huge part of the Arab Spring protests.

The Music They Left Behind

Morning Edition and NPR Music look back at some of the musicians who died in 2011, including Amy Winehouse, Paul Motian, Cesaria Evora, Clarence Clemons and more.

Music In Afghanistan A Sensitive Subject

International donors, including the U.S., have helped refurbish a conservatory in Kabul, but some of the students say they still face disapproval from extremist elements, even at the university.