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'The Weatherman': A Rambler's Folky Manifesto

Songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov grew up bouncing from city to city, and it shows in his music. He and his band visit Weekend Edition Sunday to perform songs from his latest album.

Heartache Gives KT Tunstall's New Album A Split Personality

The Scottish singer's latest, "Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon," was recorded in two sessions, which fell on either side of a life-changing summer.

Songs Of Africa: Beautiful Music With A Violent History

Part of understanding African sacred music means thinking about its colonial context. It's the music of oppressed people combined with the music of their oppressors. For decades, Fred Onovwerosuoke has collected and arranged this music for choral groups.

The Civil Wars' Joy Williams On The Duo's Fragile Bond

The second album from Williams and John Paul White comes on the heels of an abrupt, public falling-out. In an extended conversation, Williams says the duo's relationship, while not romantic, was always built on a precarious kind of tension.

Big Country On World Cafe

Hear the Scottish band play a handful of its passionate, anthemic songs from the past and present.

Rhye On World Cafe

Watch the duo perform by candlelight, recorded live by NPR Music at New York's Le Poisson Rouge.

Maxwell's, The Beloved New Jersey Venue, Closes

The club, which booked bands like R.E.M., the Replacements and Yo La Tengo before and after they hit the big time, is shutting down while "people still love us," says an owner.

'The Edenfred Files': Darryl Harper's Blues-Infused Jazz

On the clarinetist's latest album, the blues might be modernized or tweaked, but it's never far away. Fresh Air's jazz critic says The Edenfred Files is modest in a good way, like a musical chapbook or novella. The scale suits Harper's pointedly focused music.
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Diversity Is The Key Of Emerging D.C. Music Scene

New D.C. bands are helping redefine what exactly the city's music scene sounds like.


Paying The Piper: Music Streaming Services In Perspective

As more music becomes available for free online, concepts of music ownership start to break down. A musician, a songwriter and Spotify's director of Artist Services share their viewpoints on the ongoing controversy over royalty payments made by streaming services.