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Aerosmith's 'Sixth Member' Takes Center Stage

After touring for 15 years with the rock band, pianist and singer Russ Irwin has released an album of his own.

Across Latin America, Making Cumbia Modern

Global Village host Betto Arcos shares four 21st-century interpretations of cumbia, a traditional music from Colombia and Panama.

The Not-So-Distant History Of Radio Jingles

Just a few decades ago, a catchy jingle was the trademark of any Top 40 radio station.

Rodriguez: Forgotten In America, Exalted In Africa

The new documentary Searching for Sugar Man explains how a Detroit singer reached Beatles-level fame abroad — without knowing it.

Michael Kiwanuka: For Those Who Think Young

The British singer says songwriting, at its best, mimics the thought process of a child being read a story. "You just conjure up all these images in your head that are so unique to you," he says.

Ocean's 'Orange' Revolution

Frank Ocean has written songs for Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and John Legend; last year his mixtape Nostalgia Ultra attracted wide attention and acclaim. Now Ocean has released his first major-label album, Channel Orange. Rock critic Ken Tucker has a review of Ocean's album and career thus far.