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The Untold Story Of Singer Bobby Charles

Charles was one of those rock 'n' roll figures whose work you're almost certainly familiar with, even if you've probably heard of him. He lived in isolation, recorded very little, didn't perform live and died in 2010. Rock historian Ed Ward looks at his memorable body of work.

Clear Channel Will Be The First To Pay Royalties For Music On Its Air

The network will pay for the recordings — not just songs — it airs, and less for those it streams.

Egypt's Underground Wakes Up

How music that people have been listening to since last year's uprisings rewrote the rules.

Diplo: Building A Bridge From The Underground To The Mainstream

The DJ and producer behind some of pop's biggest recent hits — by artists like Beyonce and Usher — talks about his new EP and his sometimes controversial roles as a curator of global sounds.

Edmar Castaneda's 'Double Portion' Of Harp

There have been a few groundbreaking harpists in jazz and improvised music, from Dorothy Ashby to Zeena Parkins. Now, Fresh Air's jazz critic says the Colombian phenomenon joins that list with Double Portion, his new album of solos and duets.