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Dawes: Songs And 'Stories' From Laurel Canyon

The newly independent California band plays songs from its new record, Stories Don't End, and singer-songwriter Taylor Goldsmith talks about the inspiration behind the album.

'Guilt Trip': Streisand On Songs, Film And Family

Singer, actor, writer, director and producer Barbra Streisand plays a well-meaning if overbearing Jewish mom in The Guilt Trip. The star says her own mother both encouraged her talents and was jealous of them.
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Ugly Purple Sweater: D.C. Natives Sing Of Life In Washington

We meet the members of Ugly Purple Sweater: a band whose latest album features songs about life in Washington.


Lady Gaga Writing A New Song Is Like A Factory Investing In A New Machine

The government is about to change the way it accounts for the economic value of music and movies.

The Milk Carton Kids, Making The Most Of Two Voices

The harmony-rich folk duo plays songs from its new album, The Ash & Clay, and discusses its career.

'Talk Of The Nation' Remembers Folk Singer Richie Havens

Legendary folk singer Richie Havens died Monday at the age of 72. The Brooklyn-born singer is famous opening act at the 1969 Woodstock music festival. Talk of the Nation remembers him by listening back to a 2004 performance chat around the release of his 26th album Grace of the Sun.
Wednesday, June 5, 2013

D.C. Jazz Festival

With more than 125 performances in nearly 60 venues, the D.C. Jazz Festival is one of the largest music festivals in the country.