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The Shredder Behind '100 Guitar Licks' Speaks

Guitarist Alex Chadwick explains what he was thinking when he chose 100 licks from rock history and played them in chronological order, on video, without stopping.

Old Crow Medicine Show: Something Borrowed

The Nashville band discusses its new album, Carry Me Back, and explains how its 2004 hit "Wagon Wheel" arose from an unfinished song sketch by Bob Dylan.

Avi Avital: A Mandolinist's Unlikely Education

The Israeli musician discovered his instrument through a set of childhood coincidences. He tells the unlikely story and discusses Bach, his new album.

Conquering Reverb: Behind Recorded Music's Oldest Sound Effect

Reverb is a natural phenomenon, but for more than 60 years, sound engineers have found artificial ways to recreate it in music.

16 Musical Odes To Very Strange Animals

The latest album from Brooklyn musician Michael Hearst (best known as a member of One Ring Zero) was inspired by the misfits of the natural world.