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This Week On Metro Connection: House And Home

We'll look at the places that shelter us and the symbolism behind our humble abodes as we bring you a show about "House and Home."


Omar Souleyman: America's Favorite Syrian Wedding Singer

Souleyman discusses the importance of musical experimentation in an unlikely setting. In conversation with NPR's Renee Montagne, the Syrian electronic musician also expresses his desire to perform in his homeland again.

Heavy Rotation: Download 10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing

Download two handfuls of our favorite new songs, including music by British producer Tourist., German pop act Claire, New York City dance duo Holy Ghost!, rapper Jean Grae, punk-pop trio Upset, fiddle prodigy Sarah Jarosz and more.

Remembering 'Holy Minimalist' Composer John Tavener

British composer Sir John Tavener — whose music was beloved by many far outside the usual classical sphere — died Tuesday at age 69. We look back at a career that took him from being signed by The Beatles' Apple label to a performance of his music as part of Princess Diana's funeral.

Latyrx: Still Deft And Defiant After Two Decades

The oratorical alt-rap duo featuring Lateef the Truth Speaker and Lyrics Born returns with a follow-up to 1996's The Album. The new record demonstrates that the two are as capable as ever of illustrating the musicality of hip-hop.

What Today's Online Sharing Companies Can Learn From Napster

Perhaps no company showed how the Internet could turn sharing into a global phenomenon more than Napster. The music-sharing site upended the record industry. But the industry ultimately survived and free-music Napster did not. What are new businesses doing to avoid the same fate?

Pop's Resident Provocateur Fizzles On 'ARTPOP'

Lady Gaga has been building anticipation for her third studio album in ways that only she can manage. But perhaps the forte of ARTPOP lies in its marketing — not the actual music.

No Need To Cook The Books: Booker Ervin's Debut LP Reissued

Down-home and majestic, the tenor saxophonist's sound was like a cane stalk shooting up out of rich earth. His 1960 album The Book Cooks features fellow sax-man Zoot Sims in a friendly square-off.

In Lucius, Two Singers Find An Arresting Harmony

The New York band's sound veers from girl-group pop to sunbaked psychedelia. NPR's Arun Rath speaks with singers Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe, whose entwined vocals are what make the group stand out.

Heidecker And Wood, Inspired By The '80s

Tim Heidecker is one half of the comedy team behind the absurd sketch/talk show, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!. He and David Wood get semi-sincere on the duo's second album, Some Things Never Stay the Same, a slightly goofy but affectionate tribute to '70s and '80s soft rock. They join host Rachel Martin.