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Radio Tanzania: A Disappearing History On Tape

A group is trying to save the station's massive tape archive: music, poetry, drama and speeches that tell the story of the East African nation since before its independence.

Afghan Whigs On World Cafe

One of the most critically respected bands of the '90s has reunited for live performances.
WAMU 88.5

Local Doctor Blends Medicine And Music

Chevy Chase resident Phillip Pearl has two great passions: medicine and music. And he's managed to pursue successful careers in both domains.


Neil Young Still Vital On 'Psychedelic Pill'

Whenever things get too cozy on Psychedelic Pill, Crazy Horse is there to rearrange the furniture. When the singing stops and Young falls into one of the band's epic guitar journeys, the music positively erupts.

Allen Stone On World Cafe

Often compared to Stevie Wonder, the soul singer-songwriter recently reissued his self-titled album.

Rocker Gary Glitter Arrested In Connection With U.K. Sex Abuse Investigation

Glitter, born Paul Gadd, is the first person to be arrested in connection with the Jimmy Savile abuse inquiry that has rocked Britain and its publicly funded broadcaster, the BBC. Glitter was released on bail until mid-December after being questioned.

John Cage At 100: Remembering A Revolutionary Composer

September marked the centennial of the birth of composer John Cage and celebrations are being held around the world in his honor. His compositions include spoken texts, radios, toys and the sounds of vegetables being chopped. Cage died in 1992. Fresh Air listens back to an interview with Cage from 1982.