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The Beatles' Yearlong Journey To 'The Ed Sullivan Show'

Even as they reached the Top 10 in Britain, appeared on TV and had young women swooning by the thousands across the pond, their first singles in the U.S. were released on tiny independent labels and went nowhere. What went wrong, and finally right, in the leadup to the night of Feb. 7, 1964.
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Beatles '64: D.C.'s Time In The Rock And Roll Spotlight

On Feb. 11, 1964, Washington, D.C. was thrown into the center of the musical universe when the Beatles played their first North American concert right in the heart of Washington, D.C.


Fresh Air Celebrates The 50th Anniversary Of The Beatles' Arrival

On Feb. 7, 1964, the Beatles touched down at JFK airport. To mark the day, we'll listen back to a 1995 interview with Ringo Starr and a 2001 interview with Paul McCartney.

Violin Worth $5 Million Makes A Safe Return Home

Police in Milwaukee have recovered a Stradivarius violin and arrested three suspects in its theft. The instrument, said to be worth approximately $5 million, was stolen in a brazen armed robbery from the concertmaster of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra late last month. Mitch Teich of WUWM in Milwaukee reports on the violin's recovery.

Before He Joined Congress, A South African Janitor's Disco Past

Penny Penny put down his broom and picked up a mic for his 1994 debut, now reissued.

Stolen Stradivarius Found By Milwaukee Police

The instrument, known as "Lipinski" was stolen from the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra's concert master last week.

Eightball, MJG And Rap From Memphis 20 Years On

From the birthplace of Stax and Sun Records, and the site of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, the pair of rapper-producers snatched soul music and put it to work for a new generation.

Broken Bells: Life 'After The Disco'

James Mercer and Brian Burton have put out an album that explores what happens once the party is over: What happens after you've grown up? Recording a second album together as Broken Bells turned out to be a musical and artistic refuge for them both.

Duke Ellington's Lost Opera, Forever A Work In Progress

When the prolific composer died in 1974, he left one of his most ambitious projects unfinished. Forty years later, admirers are still trying to fill in the blanks.

Music For Folks Who've Been Through A Few Things

Shelby Earl worked behind the scenes in the music industry for years — until the late 2000s, when she decided to take the plunge and become a full-time singer/songwriter. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with Earl about her second album, Swift Arrows.