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Bill Withers: The Everyman Singer With A Poet's Soul

Since the singer's first single became a breakout hit in 1971, he's recorded nine albums, and all of them are now available on a new box set.

40 Years Since Marvin Gaye's Forgotten Classic

In 1972, Motown legend Marvin Gaye composed the soundtrack for the film, Trouble Man. Many critics say it was one of his finest musical achievements. To mark the film's 40th anniversary, Universal Music is releasing a special edition. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with saxophonist Trevor Lawrence and director Cameron Crowe.

Armed With Age And Experience, Soundgarden Returns

On the occasion of the band's first studio album in 15 years, lead singer Chris Cornell discusses the ups and downs of being linked to a cultural movement, and how time and distance can enrich a creative partnership.

Willie Nelson: Road Rules And Deep Thoughts

The 79-year-old country singer has done a lot of living, and he's written about it more than once. His latest memoir takes a different tack, collecting his thoughts from long stretches on his tour bus.

DJ Shadow On Sampling As A 'Collage Of Mistakes'

More than 15 years after his game-changing debut, Endtroducing....., the hip-hop producer born Josh Davis is about to see his work get the deluxe box set treatment. He explains where he finds the scraps of sound that make up his albums and why he does his best work when he's alone.