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Antibalas On World Cafe

The Afro-Cuban-inspired world-jazz ensemble is back with its first album in nearly five years.
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Kenny Rogers: "Luck Or Something Like It: A Memoir"

Country music superstar Kenny Rogers talks about his five decades in show business. The artist who "knows when to hold 'em and knows when to fold 'em" describes a golden era of country music and offers a backstage pass to a musician's life on the road.


Why We're Happy Being Sad: Pop's Emotional Evolution

Every Top 40 hit in 1965 was in a major key and had a fast tempo. In 2009, more than half of the Top 40 songs were in a minor key. Has there been a shift in the emotional content of music in the past five decades, and why are we drawn to sadness and ambiguity in music?

When Ian Hunter Is 'President'

Despite its title, When I'm President isn't as political as Hunter's past couple of solo albums. Critic Ken Tucker says Hunter reaches back into rock's past while linking it firmly to the present.

Soul Singer Jams To Kings Of Leon, Christian Hymns

For Tell Me More's occasional 'In Your Ear' series, guests of the program talk about the songs they turn to for inspiration. Soul singer Ryan Shaw recently released his new album, 'Real Love,' and he performs some of his favorite tunes.

The Day Buddy Guy 'Left Home,' Bound For The Blues

Guitar legend Buddy Guy has been called the bridge between the blues and rock 'n' roll. In his new memoir, When I Left Home, Guy describes what he calls his second birthday: the day he left his home of Louisiana for Chicago, the blues capital of the world. Originally broadcast on June 5, 2012.