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A Honky-Tonk Duo Takes The Piano Outdoors

The performing life of Clangin' & Bangin' sounds like a dare: Each time they play, the two musicians wheel their 300-pound piano out into the street.

Rhiannon: An Improviser Resists The Urge To Reuse

The jazz vocalist says that once an idea has been caught on tape, "it's never going to be quite as strong" as in that first moment. Her new, all-improvised album is called Spontaneous.

It's Her Spotlight, The Band Just Lives In It

Another stop on our summer tour with the band fun. This week, we check in with lighting director Jackie Finney in Los Angeles, where she's setting up a powerful new lighting system that's possibly a metaphor for the band's growing success.

Musicians Who Paid The Price Before Pussy Riot

This isn't the first time singing anti-establishment songs has had consequences.

Fire Up Your Kid's Imagination At The 'Science Fair'

Laura Veirs, Mates of State and more contribute to an album encouraging children to pursue science.
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D.C. Area Artists Outraged Over Pussy Riot Verdict

A judge's two-year sentence for the all-girl Russian punk band Pussy Riots has sparked outage from around the world.