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Why The Library Of Congress Has A Lock On Your Phone

Few of us own the music we listen or the movies we watch in exactly the same way we did a decade ago. And today if you buy a smartphone from a cellphone company, what you can legally do with it — how and where you can use it — may be proscribed even if that phone is fully bought and paid for.

Three Motown Artists Die Within Weeks Of Each Other

Audie Cornish has more on three Motown artists who died recently — Bobby Rogers, a founding member of the hit-making Motown group the Miracles; Richard Street, a member of the Temptations; and Damon Harris, who sang with the Temptations on many of their hits.

Latin Gold In The Frozen North At Toronto's Lula Lounge

A new compilation, Lula Lounge: Essential Tracks, showcases Canada's thriving Latin music scene.

Guards On World Cafe

Hear the old-school Brooklyn pop-rock band play songs from its new album, In Guards We Trust.

How One Band Turned A Ghost Town Into A Giant Recording Studio

The Danish band Efterklang literally went to the ends of the earth — an arctic island 400 miles north of mainland Europe, to be exact — to make its album Piramida.

Robyn Hitchcock: 'Rock 'N' Roll Is An Old Man's Game Now'

The British singer and guitarist has generated hundreds of songs in a career that begins in the 1970s fronting The Soft Boys. His latest album is called Love from London.