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Mike Huckabee's Musical Education

The talk-show host and former presidential candidate also plays bass in a rock group. But he says his tastes were more shaped by the big-band jazz his parents played.

Tracing The Evolution Of Lost Chicago Jazz

Drummer Mike Reed's quartet People, Places and Things was put together to spotlight music written in Chicago in a fertile period between 1954 and 1960. The group has since expanded its mission to include later works, which are included on a new album titled Clean on the Corner.

4 Days After Murders, Musical Mourners Improvise A Tribute

Every Sunday at Seattle's Cafe Racer, musicians gather for a session of experimental music. But after four people were killed last Wednesday at the coffeehouse and bar, this week's jam session took place in a different venue — the alley out back — with a very different tone.

There's No Such Thing As A Sold Out Concert (Even For Justin Bieber)

Or: Why Justin Bieber didn't really sell 40,000 tickets in 30 seconds.

'Personal Space': Relics From Synth Soul's Early Days

A 1970s explosion in affordable music gear, particularly synthesizers and drum machines, yielded fascinating experiments by amateur artists. A new compilation collects electronic soul gems from that era.